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Experiential Marketing: How to Identify, Reach and Engage Your Audience

Episode #6

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Getting your customers’ attention may seem like it’s getting harder to do. So, it’s easy to see why some brands are turning to experiential marketing.

But what exactly does experiential marketing mean? How can you incorporate it into your brand’s marketing plan? How do you identify, reach, and engage your audience?

Master marketer Karen Baker of 7 Concepts, gives us the skinny on ways to engage customers using branded experiences to make a memorable impact.

Listen in and get an understanding of the true meaning of experiential marketing and the difference it will make when growing your brand.

Talking Points

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02:01 – The Scenario

06:18 – How to Offer Value

09:54 – Are You Doing Experiential Marketing

11:31 – How to Identify Your Audience

15:33 – Planting A Mole

19:40 – Determining Your Audience’s Psychographics

23:34 – How to Reach Your Audience Via Partnerships

28:29 – Creating A Business Model to Filter Info

33:36 – How to Engage Your Audience

41:33 – 3 Power Plays