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3 Social Cues To Use When Networking | Episode 9


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What are your goals when going to a networking event? Are you there to socialize, make quality connections or list build? To network effectively, it’s essential to pay attention to social cues. Not just how you interact with others but also how others respond.

In this episode, Master Trainer Myss Stephens shares three seemingly logical social cues to use when networking that many overlook. Plus, you’ll learn the tag-team approach introverts can use to make it easier to push outside their comfort zone when looking to make connections.

Take a listen and let us know any networking tips you may have. Or, feel free to ask us your networking questions so we can share them on an upcoming episode.

Show’s Talking Points

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01:45 – The Scenario

05:15 – Quick Tip On How To Network Solo

06:58 – Try Networking With a Partner

08:08 – 3 Power Plays


About Myss Stephens

Myss is a training specialist with the Federal Government. She has worn many hats and done many things in the entrepreneurial realm. From fashion trucks to events to polishing uprising entrepreneurs and driving the point home, how you connect means everything.

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