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You know networking is an essential part of growing your business. But after a long day, you may need some motivation, not to mention needing to get a return on your investment. Do you know how to network effectively? How will different types of events yield different results? How to ensure you get an ROI?

Networking is about fostering relationships, sharing resources, and acquiring sources to grow your brand. So, we asked Sara Alepin of District Bliss, a community for creatives who want to expand their network, to share her tips for mastering the art of networking.

Before you head out to another happy hour, take a listen, do some homework first, and try these tactics. Start making connections to help get you closer to your goals.

Show’s Talking Points

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01:22 – The Scenario

02:44 – Networking ROI

06:54 – How to Use Networking to List Build

09:38 – The Approach

11:29 – Honesty Is Not Always the Best Policy

12:14 – How to Stay Motivated

20:46 – Elevator Pitch

22:29 – Uber Can Help You with Your Pitch

23:54 – What is Your Call to Action?

26:47 – Alternative Ways to Network

31:24 – 3 Power Plays


About Sara Alepin

Meet Sara! She’s a go-getter with a background in Art Education. After founding photos from Harty, Sara realized something was missing. Hoping to create a community of supportive and like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs, she launched District Bliss. Sara continues to be amazed at how many wonderful, talented people have joined the DB chapters across the USA!

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