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Elements On Crafting An Impactful Brand Identity | Episode 1


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Are you considering creating a new brand identity or rebranding your company this year? Well, before you design that logo, pump the breaks. Branding coach Toni Brown, founder of Skye Media Group, shares some crafty ways to set yourself apart from the competition, reach your target audience, and become profitable. But note that these brand elements will require some sweat equity, but it’s something you shouldn’t do business without.

Show’s Talking Points

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01:45 – The Scenario

02:50 – Know Your Why

06:15 – Dig into Your Brand Message

09:02 – A Way to Discover What Makes You Different

10:10 – Assess What You Have + Audit

12:34 – Things to Consider To Create An Ideal Logo That Is Timeless

17:00 – Why the Meaning Of Your Logo Is Subjective

21:34 – How to Make Your Logo Standout In Your Industry

24:44 – A Design Secret to Creating Your Own Logo

26:44 – Brand Identity

29:24 – The Cost of Entry When Creating Your Brand

36:56 – How First Impression Management Goes Beyond Looks

41:41 – Tracking Creative Decision with A Client – Avoiding Conflict

43:10 – Operate from A Place Of Abundance

43:38 – The 3 Power Plays

About Toni Brown

Toni Brown, known for her “tough love” approach to coaching, is a Brand Alignment Coach, Designer, and Founder of Skye Media Group. Located in Baltimore, MD, her marketing and branding expertise spans 9 years. She has helped nonprofit organizations and women entrepreneurs increase brand awareness, build community, and attract profitable opportunities and investors.

An intuitive, creative, self-taught designer and coder, Toni transitioned from being a paralegal for 15 years in top-tier law firms and investment companies to opening up Skye Media Group in 2010. With her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland, Toni strongly desired to combine her education, technical thinking, and creative nature into Skye Media Group. She collaborates with mission-driven organizations and ambitious women entrepreneurs to help them thrive online.

Toni and her work have been recognized and featured on various blogs, including StudioPress, Revision Path, Blog Talk Radio, Magic 95.9 Baltimore, and Lady Boss Blogger.

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