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Brand Building For Entrepreneurs

Episode #2

Having trouble deciding if you should brand your business or if you should brand yourself? We’re always getting mixed reviews on the pros and cons of each. But, did you know one is more likely to bring you a bigger return? Branding expert and co-founder of Maroon Oak, a free online platform for women entrepreneurs, Pooja Krishna, shares some of the same great advice she’s given her top clients, including GE Capital. Listen as she takes us step-by-step and sheds some light on brand building for entrepreneurs.

Talking Points

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01:20 – The Scenario

03:00 – The Benefits of Branding Yourself

08:35 – Where Should You Start When Building Your Personal Brand

14:01 – How Others See You vs The Way You Want Them to See You

15:00 – Consistency is Key

17:10 – The Question to Ask When Developing Your Brand Story

21:24 – The Mission

24:46 – Spell Your Name Right

25:55 – Relatable Content

10:51 – How to Show Up and Communicate What You Do

32:20 – Paying Attention to the Market

37:40 – Being Transparent + Owning Your Faults

43:37 – The Power of Authenticity + Be Findable

46:16 – Stand Out, But Don’t Be Fake

49:04 – Have Some Fun

50:18 – The 3 Power Plays