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Marketing Remix: Old School vs Social Media | Episode 3


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Are the days of old-school marketing a thing of the past? Well, according to Emmy Award-winning producer Don Napoleon, it’s how he’s built his A-list clientele, including Twenty Century Fox and DreamWorks Pictures. He shares what tactics continue to work for him and how social media plays a supporting role in his marketing mix.


Show’s Talking Points

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02:04 – The Scenario

04:30 – Reality About Going Full-Time

05:49 – Customers vs Clients

08:40 – Great Customer Service = Return Clients

09:53 – You Get What You Pay For

11:15 – Making A Name for Yourself

13:00 – How He Found His First Clients

13:40 – Your Reputation Proceeds You

15:49 – Why Clients Stick with Who They Know

17:46 – How to Market to New Clients

20:41 – Consistency + Staying Top of Mind

22:31 – Subliminal Marking with Social Media

24:21 – Behind the Scenes Marketing

27:36 – A Tactic Bailey Used to Get Hired at BET + Nordstrom

30:42 – Partnerships

32:50 – Get Your Swag On

34:56 – Manifesting 300 Visions (Write the Vision)

36:15 – Old School Remix

44:14 – The 3 Power Plays


About Don Napoleon

Don Napoleon is an Emmy & NOTOA Award-winning Video Journalist, Documentary Producer, Teacher, and Mentor. After graduating from Virginia State University, Don worked for organizations like NBC, Discovery Networks, and the DC Office of Cable Television. Building a reputation that made him a sought-after industry expert. Don’s consummate professionalism and creativity opened doors to additional opportunities on projects with notable media groups, including MTV, TV One, Essence.com, Twentieth Century Fox, the United States Senate, and the House of Representatives.

Since 2004 Don has expanded his creative reach as a partner with GearShift TV, a Washington DC-based Production Company known for memorable commercials and marketing projects with clients such as Eastern Motors and the nationally recognized Super Bowl commercial featuring Mike Tyson. This partnership increased Don’s profile, enabling him to produce groundbreaking work for a broader clientele. Including covering President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder for the National Action Network’s annual convention. Super Bowls 47, 48, and 49 for the NFLPA and NFL Wives Associations, DreamWorks Pictures, and GMC trucks featuring former NFL Player Howie Long.

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