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How to Get Noticed on Social Media + Reach Your Target Market

Episode #5

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Do you know the prime time to connect with your audience? How to scale on social media? What to do when there’s no ROI? Better yet, do you know how to get noticed on social media and reach your target market?

If you’re a solopreneur or a small team with limited resources, getting your brand is seen, and cutting through the clutter and social media algorithms can be challenging. That’s why we called on marketing expert Chelsi Oestreich, co-owner of Kinko, to share some advice she’s used to building some notable beauty brands from the ground up.

She’s helped Laura Mercier Cosmetics, Sunday Riley, Cover FX, and Eighteen B, with building positioning stories and marketing campaigns to catapult the brands to success.

Click the player above to listen in as Chelsi shares what’s she’s learned over the years to help you get your marking on track.


Talking Points

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02:06 – The Scenario

04:42 – Who Are Your Competitors + What Are They Doing

05:26 – Let Your Avatar Help Define Your Marketing

07:28 – How Are You Going To Connect + Resonate

08:51 – Go Where They Are + Do What You Can

12:33 – Prime Time To Connect

17:35 – How To Scale On Social Media

18:51 – What To Do When There’s No ROI

21:04 – How Long To Let That Ad Ride

28:25 – To Get The Skinny, Ask Your Clients

34:32 – Team Up With Likeminded Brands

36:49 – 3 Power Plays